Chocolate Cookie Vegan Superfood Protein

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Chocolate Cookie Vegan Superfood Protein

Chocolate Cookie Vegan Superfood Protein

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Product description

Creamy deliciousness to support your body goals
Are you on a diet and constantly crave sweets? Want to eat something healthy, but have no time to cook? Yes Superfood’s vegan proteins help you to get in shape, build muscle and you can even replace a meal with them on your busier days!

A protein shake rich in superfoods
This is more than your average protein powder! Yes Superfood’s vegan proteins are boosted with six different superfood extracts, so you get special nutrients with every sip.

Yes Superfood’s vegan proteins may provide you with the following superpowers:

  • They support post-workout recovery with plant-based proteins that are absorbed easily. (pea protein and rice protein isolate)
  • They detoxify and strengthen the immune system with supergreen extracts. (chlorella, spirulina and moringa extract)
  • They reduce the appetite and improve digestion with valuable superfoods. (quinoa, chia seeds and psyllium husk)

Further information

Vegan protein powder from 100% natural ingredients and a complete amino acid profile.
Taste: Chocolate cookie flavor
Netto weight: 500 g (~ 16 servings)

Nutrition facts:

1 portion (30 g)
100 g
 Energy 106,26 kcal 354,2 kcal
 Fat 0,69 g 2,3 g
 Saturated fat 0,24 g 0,8 g
 Carbohydrates 1,62 g 5,4 g
 Sugars 0,12 g 0,4 g
 Fibre 1,02 g 3,4 g
 Protein 23,9 g 79,7 g
 Sodium 0,53 g 1,78 g

Amino acid content in one serving:

 Aminoacid content in 1 portion (30 g)
 Essential aminoacids
 Threonine 0,55 g
 Valin 0,81 g
 Methionine 0,15 g
 Isoleucine 0,36 g
 Leucine 1,31 g
 Phenylalanine 0,96 g
 Lysine 1,01 g
 Tryptophan 0,19 g
 Non-essential aminoacids
 Aspartic acid 1,95 g
 Serine 0,96 g
 Glutamic acid 2,79 g
 Proline 0,68 g
 Glycine 0,38 g
 Alanine 0,81 g
 Cysteine 0,26 g
 Tyrosine 0,52 g
 Histidine 0,54 g
 Arginine 1,67 g

How to use Yes Superfood’s vegan proteins?

Mix one spoon (30 grams) of protein powder with 250 ml of water/plant milk in your Yes Superfood shaker. For more protein-rich recipes click here! Close the ziplock thoroughly after use and store in a dry, cool place.


Pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate, maltodextrine, low fat cacao powder (emulsifier: soy lecithin), chocolate flavor, cookie flavor, superfood mix (quinoa powder, chlorella powder, chia seeds, spirulina powder, moringa powder, psyllium seeds, wheat bran (gluten)), sucralose.

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Orsolya Dr. Csitos
Édesszájúak, figyelem!

Alig várom, hogy edzés után ihassam a csokis shakemet! Pont jó az édessége, isteni finom és szuperul regenerál! Nassolási vágyat is jól csillapít, gratulálok ehhez a termékhez is!