Ceremonial matcha

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Ceremonial Matcha

Energy Bomb

A great coffee alternative that gets you into shape
The energy kick coffee gives you fades away very quickly, not to mention the dehydrated, sloppy feeling a cup of black leaves after itself. Follow the beauty routine of the ageless Japanese women, and your body will be grateful!

You’ll love it, whether you like tea or not
Making Ceremonial Matcha is a delicate and unique process, therefore it has a smooth, umami taste, unlike traditional green tea. A matcha latte can reduce your appetite between meals, and help you burn fat, even when you’re sitting at the office working!

Our Ceremonial Matcha may provide you with the following superpowers:

  • It energizes and calms you at the same time: thanks to the L-theanine amino acid found in matcha, its caffeine content is released gradually, providing up to 6 hours of energy.
  • It supports your body goals: it may boost metabolism and fat-burning.
  • It may reduce appetite thanks to its smooth, umami taste.
  • It may improve brain activity as you are aging.
  • It may improve your skin by reducing inflammation and preventing free radical damage.
  • It may prevent various diseases due to its high catechin (a plant-based antioxidant) content.

One package contains 50 grams of Ceremonial Matcha superfood powder, which is the recommended daily intake for ca. 50 days.

The Yes Superfood Ceremonial Matcha powder is made of 100% green tea leaves, does not contain any colorants, preservatives or other additives.

Further information

100% ceremonial matcha green tea powder
Vegan, organic, gluten-free and added sugar free
Taste: Smooth, sweet green tea taste
Netto weight: 50 g (~ 50 portions)
Close the ziplock thoroughly after use and store in a dry, cool place.
Best before 2 years after opening.
ECOCERT® certified organic product.
Contains caffeine.

Nutrition facts

100 g contains

Amount per serving (1 g)


386 kcal

4 kcal

Total fat

4,3 g

0 g

Saturated fat

0,7 g

0 g


4,1 mg

0 mg

Total carbohydrate

63,6 g

0 g


12,9 g

0 g


23,2 g

0 g


How do we make our Ceremonial Matcha superfood powder?

Our Ceremonial Matcha is made from green tea leaves, but it demands more attention and expertise than traditional green tea. The farmers making matcha shade the plants 20-30 days before the harvest, therefore these leaves contain a higher amount of chlorophyll, amino acids and antioxidants. After careful harvesting and selection, the leaves are grounded into a fine powder. When you are drinking matcha, you’re getting all the nutrients and antioxidants of green tea, not just whatever came out of the teabag.

How to use our superfood powders?

Using superfood powders is really easy, and you can mix them in infinite ways! Start with ½-1 teaspoon superfood powder, and add more, if you want a more vibrant color!

  • Mix them into smoothies!
  • Boost your protein shake with them!
  • Make fun superfood lattes with them!
  • Mix them into yogurt, oatmeal or chia puddings!
  • Decorate baked goods and desserts with them!

Kids love colorful superfood powders too! Our superfood powders are 100% natural, so little ones can enjoy them safely as well. Add some color to your meals with superfood powders, and healthy eating will be a lot more fun for your family!
For further pro tips read our blog post.

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