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Dragon Fruit Powder

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Product description

Gut Balance

Tropical vibes and vibrant pink color in a blink of an eye!
Have you ever seen such a gorgeous pink color? Now you can eat the exotic dragon fruit day by day too!

We at Yes Superfood don’t like artificial things.
Therefore we went to the faraway tropics to give you a natural and super healthy pink powder! Our Dragon Fruit powder is made of 100% fruit, and doesn’t contain added sugars, colorants or preservatives.

The ingredient red dragon fruit is associated with the following superpowers:

  • It may strengthen your immune system due to its high vitamin content.
  • It may improve digestion with its high fiber content.
  • It may improve gut health, as dragon fruit is a natural source of prebiotics.
  • It may support the beauty of your hair, skin and nails.
  • It supports a healthy diet, as you can boost any food’s nutrient content with it.

One package contains 80 grams of Dragon Fruit superfood powder, which is the recommended daily intake for ca. 40 days, if consumed as a food supplement. Our Dragon Fruit superfood powder can be used as a natural food colorant as well, you can achieve pastel pink and bright pink hues with it depending on the quantity used.

The Yes Superfood Dragon Fruit powder is made of 100% red dragon fruit, does not contain any colorants, preservatives or other additives.

Further information

Food supplement powder and colorant made of 100% freeze-dried dragon fruit
Vegan, organic, gluten-free and added sugar free
Taste: Sweet and fruity flavor
Netto weight: 80 g (~ 40 portions)
Best before 1 year after opening.
ECOCERT® certified organic product.

Yes Superfood’s Dragon Fruit Powder is made from 100% freeze-dried dragon fruit, it doesn’t contain any additives. Therefore the powder may get clumpy, but this does not influence its quality or usability.

Close the ziplock thoroughly after use and store in the fridge. To achieve the best colors use it for smoothies, or grind it before use.

Nutrition facts

100 g contains

Amount per serving (2 g)


369 kcal

7 kcal

Total fat

0,8 g

0 g

Saturated fat

0 g

0 g


1 mg

0 g

Total carbohydrate

85,2 g

2 g


63,2 g

1 g


5,16 g

0 g

How do we make our Dragon Fruit superfood powder?

We harvest red dragon fruits ripe, and turn them into a crystalline, pink powder using freeze-drying technology. This way you can boost all kinds of food with it easily!

How to use our superfood powders?

Using superfood powders is really easy, and you can mix them in infinite ways! Start with ½-1 teaspoon superfood powder, and add more, if you want a more vibrant color!

  • Mix them into smoothies!
  • Boost your protein shake with them!
  • Make fun superfood lattes with them!
  • Mix them into yogurt, oatmeal or chia puddings!
  • Decorate baked goods and desserts with them!

Kids love colorful superfood powders too! Our superfood powders are 100% natural, so little ones can enjoy them safely as well. Add some color to your meals with superfood powders, and healthy eating will be a lot more fun for your family!
For further pro tips read our blog post.


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Holli Ibolya
pink joy

Egyszerűen tökéletes, kellemes íz, könnyen variálható fogyasztás.

Ildikó Virág

Dragon Fruit Powder

Lívia Margit Pálinkó
Hálás köszönet érte, hogy megvásárolhatom

Ebédhez leves helyett, dúsitom vegyes gyümölcslevekkel, igazi nedű, nagyon kellemes ízű és színű.

Mária Miskei
Sárkányoknak sárkányfű, nekem SÁRKÁNYGYÜMÖLCS!

Hát kérem, ez a vártnál is finomabb, egy csoda! Mindene: az íze, a szine, az állaga, a könnyű használhatósága, a könnyű tárolhatósága, tényleg YESS, úgy, ahogy van 😋. Alig várom, hogy a többi Yess term3éket is bevarázsoljam a napi rutinomba! 🙂 A fotón áfonyával ésbanánnal kevert turmixban van. Isteni eledel!

Orsolya Dr. Csitos
Rózsaszín álom

Azt hinné az ember, hogy ez a szín csak a lányoknak jön be, de nem- 4 fiam is odavan érte! Kicsit édeskés ízű, limonádéba és fagyiba használtuk eddig, csodás!