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by yes_superfood Admin on Dec 01, 2022


How to use the Yes Superfood powders

It’s really easy to use the Yes Superfood powders, and you can boost almost any kind of food with color and valuable nutrients. Below we are sharing some pro tips on what to watch out for when using our products:

1. Our superfood powders are really intense
You can create amazing colors with only ½ teaspoon of superfood powder, so one package of Blue Spirulina superfood powder can be used for up to 50 or even 100 portions of food.

2. Amazing colors with light colored fruits and foods
To achieve the most vibrant colors possible, you have to be careful with mixing the superfood powders with foods. The coloring effect is best with bananas, apples, pineapple, mango and light colored foods, such as yogurt, milk and chia pudding.

3. Skip the dark colored berries and fruits
Although our superfood powders have very vibrant colors, dark colored fruits such as blueberries and blackberries fade the powder’s color, so use these fruits for decorating instead.

4. Superfood powders work best under 70°C
Our superfood powders are 100% natural, they do not contain artificial colorants or additives, so they lose some of their colors when exposed to high temperatures. Some of our powders can be used for baking as well, such as Blue Spirulina, Activated Charcoal and Butterfly Pea powder.

5. Store them in a cool, dry, dark space
Close the ziplock carefully and store your superfood powders in a cool, dry space, away from sunlight, so you can enjoy them for a longer time. Store the freeze-dried superfood powders (Dragon Fruit and Sea Buckthorn powder) in the fridge.

6. Experiment and mix new colors!
Create new colors by combining two or more superfood powders. You can create a dreamy turquoise by mixing Blue Spirulina and Ceremonial Matcha, or a mysterious dark blue or dark purple by adding Activated Charcoal to Blue Spirulina or Dragon Fruit powder. The possibilities are endless!