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by yes_superfood Admin on Dec 01, 2022


The Most Efficient Ways to Use the Yes Superfood Powders

We already showed you how many different ways you can use the Yes Superfood powders to boost your food and drinks with colors and nutrients. But there’s a question that we receive all the time from you: how to use the Yes Superfood powders for maximum efficacy?

The goal is everyday use
The Yes Superfood powders, just as any other food supplement, have an impact if you consistently take the daily recommended intake. The daily recommended intake is usually 1 gram, but in case of our freeze-dried fruit powders, such as our Dragon Fruit powder and Sea Buckthorn powder, the DRI is 2 grams.

The fastest method
If your everyday life is very hectic and busy, the easiest and fastest way is to mix the superfood powders with water. The Blue Spirulina and the Activated Charcoal’s soft, powdery textures mix very well in a glass of room temperature water. You can make tea with the Butterfly Pea and the Ceremonial Matcha powder by mixing them with warm (max. 80°C) water. The Dragon Fruit and the Sea Buckthorn superfood powders are harder to mix evenly with water. You can take them on their own as well, so the vitamins start absorbing through your mouth’s mucous lining.

When to consume the superfood powders?
For the nutrients’ most efficient absorption it’s best to consume the superfood powders in the morning, on an empty stomach, or start the day with a breakfast made with superfood powders. (The exception to this rule is our Butterfly Pea powder, which is recommended in the evening.)

What kind of foods shall you mix the superfood powders with?
The Yes Superfood powders are so versatile, that you can literally mix them to any kind of food or drink. Below we have collected how to maximize their health benefits.

Blue Spirulina superfood powder
To utilize the Blue Spirulina superfood powder’s muscle recovery and stamina boosting effects, it’s recommended to combine it with foods rich in protein. For example you can mix it with yogurt or you can boost your post-workout protein shake with it. Take the Blue Spirulina in the morning for the best absorption.

Dragon Fruit superfood powder
As we have already mentioned, you can take the Dragon Fruit powder on its own as well, it has a very pleasant, sweet taste and you can easily chew it up because of its crystally texture. If you are dealing with digestive or gut issues, combine it with fruits, vegetables and grains that are rich in fiber. A bowl of oatmeal made with plant milk, Dragon Fruit powder and fresh fruit can be an amazing start of the day, just as a Dragon Fruit smoothie.

Butterfly Pea superfood powder
The Butterfly Pea superfood powder's calming, relaxing effect can be utilized, if we drink a delicious, warm latte made with it before going to sleep. Heat up 200 ml plant-based milk (max. 80°C), and mix in ½ teaspoon of Butterfly Pea powder with the help of a milk frother. Sweeten it with a dash of cinnamon or agave syrup!

Ceremonial Matcha superfood powder
The Ceremonial Matcha made from green tea leaves contains caffeine, therefore we suggest consuming it in the morning or early in the afternoon. Switch your morning and afternoon coffee with a delicious matcha latte, and trust us, your body will be thankful! To enjoy the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting effects of matcha, just as little as 1 gram of Ceremonial Matcha a day can do. Heat up 200 ml plant-based milk (max. 80°C), and mix in ½ teaspoon of Ceremonial Matcha powder with the help of a milk frother. In the warmer months you can make it with cold milk and ice cubes as well, the effect stays the same!

Sea Buckthorn superfood powder
The Sea Buckthorn powder is a cristally powder made of freeze-dried sea buckthorn powder, so it can be consumed on its own, if you like the taste. Due to its high vitamin C content it is best to take it in the morning on an empty stomach. If you would not like to consume it on its own, simply mix it with a glass of room temperature water!

Activated Charcoal superfood powder
Because of the Activated Charcoal’s strong detoxifying effects, we primarily suggest taking it as a cure. Since it can alter the absorption of other active ingredients, do not take Activated Charcoal one hour before or 2 hours after medicine, birth control or food supplements. If you are planning on doing a detox cure, try our Detox drink recipe, which you have to drink in the morning on an empty stomach and before dinner.


   Lili Nyári

   The Yes Superfood CO-founder & brand manager